New Diabetes Accountability App Helps You Find Communal Support

It can be difficult to manage diabetes on your own. A new app is looking to help diabetics form support communities to help keep each other accountable.

What it Is

The app, called "One Drop", was co-founded by Jeff Dachis, a Type 1 diabetic, and the digital marketing agency Razorfish. The idea behind the app was to give diabetics a convenient way to keep track of blood sugar levels, diet, medication and activity.

While there are many apps that help you do that already, this app adds something new to the mix: strangers.

The Idea

The idea behind One Drop is simple: sometimes being accountable to other people on a daily basis helps keep you honest. When people you don't even know can 'like' your progress, send you stickers or words of encouragement, you get a kind of positive reinforcement that really keeps you motivated.
"There’s a potential for half a billion people coming online with diabetes in the world," said Dachis. "We spend half a trillion on complications related to diabetes."

According to the app's website, "With data from everyone in the One Drop community, everyone contributes and everyone learns."

Having that kind of support is invaluable for a diabetic.

Photo: One Drop