Skin Care for Diabetics

Diabetes can affect any organ in the body, and the body’s largest organ is the skin. Diabetics are more at risk for skin irritations and infections, so good skin care practices are essential for staying healthy and comfortable.

Use lotions after drying your skin to keep it moisturized. If dry skin is a persistent problem look for creams with dimethicone, which is both a liquid and a solid. It’s oxygenated so it gives heavy moisturizing without feeling like a greasy film.

Keep skin dry—diabetics are more prone to fungus infections and yeast. Problems are most likely to occur between toes, under arms and breasts, in skin folds or anyplace else where moisture can harbor growth If possible, after showering and drying off, let some air circulate in these areas.

Promptly take care of any cuts, scratches, irritations and blisters by cleaning and drying the area thoroughly. Cover the affected area with gauze to keep it clean and dry, and change it daily. Call your doctor if there are no improvements or if skin problems get worse.

Finally, remember that your blood sugar plays a big part—keeping it stable and within recommended ranges will help prevent a lot of problems.

Photo: Life Cell Anti Aging Tips