Skipping Breakfast May Cause Blood Sugar Spikes

Not a morning person? That's no excuse to run out the door without a bite to eat. A new study shows that skipping breakfast can cause dangerous spikes in your blood sugar that wreak havoc on your system for the rest of the day.

The Research

Research conducted at Tel Aviv University found that long periods of fasting can result in a quick jump in blood glucose levels in Type 2 diabetics. These spikes then go on to impair your body's response to insulin for the rest of the day.

The response is known as 'beta cell memory loss'. The cells in the pancreas responsible for regulating insulin can actually 'forget' the role they have to play because so much time passes from dinner to the next day's meal. These cells spend the rest of the day scrambling to get back into their routine.

The Results

"In light of our study, we highly recommend that type-2 diabetics not skip breakfast, because it causes major damage to the beta cell function and leads to high sugar levels, even if they don’t overeat at lunch and dinner," said Prof. Daniela Jakubowicz.

You don't have to sit down to a buffet. A quick bite on the go, such as a cheese stick or peanut butter smear on toast, is all you need to keep your body chugging along as you rush through your busy morning.

Photo: Expo Zero