A Guide to Moderation at the Holiday Dinner Table

The holiday season is upon us, and for a diabetic it can be like walking through a mine field. With all those parties and family dinners, it's easy to give into temptation and go overboard. Here are some tips to avoid overdoing it.

Don't Go Hungry

When a big holiday meal is coming up, make sure you've eaten that day. Have a hearty, healthy breakfast, lunch and pick on healthy snacks. Drink plenty of water as well. That way, when you sit down to dinner, you won't lose control of yourself.

Diabetic-Friendly Options

Don't face a table full of carbs and fats. If you're diabetic, make sure that a good portion of the food on your holiday table are healthy, diabetic-friendly options. If you have fresh vegetable dishes, lean meats and low-sugar desserts, you can enjoy yourself without worrying. If you're going to dinner at someone else's home, bring something healthy to share.

Only Take What You Love

Don't load up your plate with things just because they're there. Take small portions of those things you absolutely must have. Quality is better than quantity.

Don't Linger

When you're done with your dinner, get up. Lingering at the table might just encourage you to go for seconds, even when you don't really need (or want) them. Finish eating then go help clean, take a walk or keep busy to get your mind off the food.

Monitor, Then Monitor Some More

Over the holiday season, don't forget to check your blood sugar levels frequently. Also, weigh yourself every day to make sure your weight isn't inching up. The better you keep track of your 'numbers' the less likely they'll be to get out of control.

Photo: Northern Virginia Mag