Best Diets for Diabetics

When you're a diabetic, you've got to stick to a healthy diet. All diets, however, are not created equal. Here are the best ones for people with diabetes to consider.

The Mayo Clinic Diet

The famed Mayo Clinic has released a diet plan that involves healthy eating habits and coaching. They've re-vamped the food pyramid to help you make more sensible choices and eliminated the need for counting calories.

Flexitarian Diet

A lot of people think about going vegetarian, but few manage to go full veg. The truth is, you don't really have to completely wipe meat out of your diet to benefit from plant-based foods. Flexitarians are 'flexible vegetarians' who eat mostly plant-based, lean, high-fiber foods, and you replace most of your proteins with plant-based alternatives like legumes and tofu. You can still enjoy meat once in a while, though, without any guilt. This diet requires strict calorie counting but is very healthy.

The Biggest Loser Diet

If you've been a fan of the show the Biggest Loser, you'll be happy to know that the health plan is very good for diabetics. In this diet plan you use a food journal to track your choices, you control your portions and make healthier food choices, and get lots of exercise. You can't go wrong.

Photo: Boston University